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The Elite L​izzard Publishin​g Company​

 A Canadian Illustrative and Assisted Publishing Service

Inspiring writers to believe in themselves and their true potential.

Do you have a story or poem you want to share with the world? Please submit it to our website we want to read it! 

We also help authors who want to become self-published.

Some sites offer the same self-publishing services but at astronomical prices that aren't for the average, not us. 

We offer many different services to suit the writer's needs even an illustrator course in our self-pub section.

We are looking forward to helping you realize your dream of becoming an author.

Email today for a quote!

Here's a quick video to give you an idea of who we are and what we offer our writers.

 5 years of experience in the trade of publishing!

  We are building a community of publishers and collaborations too to help us grow properly! We know it takes a village.

We are fully transparent, we are a small publishing company but we are mighty! We care about our authors on an individual level something a large company cannot do. 

The Latest News

What we want represent

       Inspiring writers to become amazing authors. We especially want to help our young minds to become authors too. 

       We have teamed up with Hear Our Voice LLC, and Dinzy Finzy Publishing to do just that.

We love to illustrate books!


 We love books! We just love our children's book artists who illustrate too!

      Our apprentice Prexie has already made leaps and bounds in the industry. She illustrated her first book and we are so proud of her! 

      As you can see throughout the website we have added illustrative touches to showcase just how much we love what we do! 

How can authors get better sales? 

We strongly believe in organic interactions with others to help gain fans and potential sales. Don't just post your book. Comment on other people's stats and posts so you can make connections.  Be consistent, this is the key! 

 stop shop for all your publishing needs

Years of

experience in different aspects the publishing industry which made us decide to open our own company.


Professional illustrative team

We pride ourselves on being the elite, we strive for top notch illustrations that bring your story to life. Only the best for our authors.

Aspiring Authors

Do you envision yourself holding the book you wrote in your hands? Do you want to inspire people with your story? 

Let us help make that happen.

Media Environment

We operate in a digital online capacity so we have a farther reach worldwide.